Recession Mama

{October 8, 2009}   I’m No Superhero

by Heather

If I had to be a female superhero for one day who would I pick?

I can tell you right off the bat that it wouldn’t be Wonder Woman. Sure she looks super cool deflecting bullets with her gold cuffs, lassoing creeps and  kicking bad guy booty while wearing a strapless body suit and boots. But her outfit is too revealing and the most likely to have a wardrobe malfunction. She must have some serious glue holding up that top and a killer bikini wax. And please… who can change clothes just by spinning around in circles?

Photo may be subject to copyright

Photo may be subject to copyright

At least Supergirl wears sleeves and a skirt. That’s doable. Sort of. I imagine it gets a little chilly flying around the city in that get up… not to mention the challenge of not looking windblown.

Image courtesy of Toon Zone

Image courtesy of Toon Zone

Then there’s Xena: Warrior Princess. This goddess wears leather, carries a sword, rides atop a beautiful horse and goes Medieval on unsavory types. She need only magic and muscle to topple the evil doers. Also, I’m pretty sure she can crack coconuts and skulls with those thighs.

Photo from

Photo from

I love these super ladies. But their outfits and supernatural skills are completely unattainable. So I must choose another type of super hero. That would have to be women who manage to balance work, school, family, relationships… whatever consumes their lives.

I’m no superhero mamas and papas. I don’t always manage the kids, their school, husband, college, the house, the renovation, the rental property with style and grace. In fact, most of the time I look like a dog chasing its tail. Round and round and round I go. I’m extremely sleep deprived and often over caffeinated.

No fooling. I’ve got a lot on my plate AND I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew. So something’s gotta go!

Obviously the kids and husband will stay put. Besides I love them more than anything in the world including chocolate. We can’t sell our additional properties, so I will continue to juggle them. And I just started another degree so I plan to stay the course.

That leaves book club, exercise, grooming routine, mom’s night out, eight hours of sleep and TV.

Reading feeds the brain and exercise keeps my brittle bones from turning to dust… so they stay. I’ll continue to slap on a little “war paint” and brush my hair. I’ll have  girl’s night out during school breaks. Sleep is necessary, eight hours is a luxuary. So I guess that leaves TV.

I have pretty much ditched it. I’m so far behind on my shows that I may never catch up. But I haven’t really missed it. In fact, I’ve discovered how much time I used to waste on watching “crap.”

Sure I’m going to keep tuning into my “favorites” like Mad Men and Dexter. (recorded and watched later) Don Draper is too yummy to give up!

Mad Men AMC

Mad Men AMC

But no more  live TV, new programs and getting involved in mindless reality shows (sorry Housewives of New York).

Starting a new degree, writing a blog, managing three homes and a family is hard work. But I feel fortunate and blessed to be so busy.  It’s forced me to give up foolish junk, get organized and manage my time better.

I’m not a superhero…. not even close. I’ll leave that to the professionals. Besides I don’t think my pony tail and yoga pants would make a very sexy superchic outfit. All I can do is try my best with the time I’m given.

However, I have to admit it would be nice to have a few “superpowers.”

“Wonder Twin Powers activate…. in the shape of dinner and paid bills!”

“Wonder Twin Powers activate.. in the form of happy-to-take-a-bath-and-go-to-bed children.”

Sigh…. Maybe in another life and comic book.

(check out the Wonder Twins cartoon below)



Katy says:

Awesome post, Heather! I love all of these strong women, but I especially love the Wonder Twins! And I think everyone wishes they had a Wonder Twin!

Katy says:

And omg!!! “Form of crap!!!” I love it.

Heather says:

Yes! Better be careful when activating those super powers. Watch the video and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Lydia says:

Love it, Heather! Personally, I want to be Xena. Great bod, killer sword skills, cool horse, and still can make a delicious trout almandine over a campfire. ha! But, ladies, I too hung up my superhero cape years ago, when I finally figured out that perfection is something only God can give us (after we’re long gone from here!) My second choice would be Capt. Kathryn Janeway, as Carla probably remembers from class. ha!

Heather says:

I’ll have to look her up. Lydia you make a great point about being perfect. We all just have to do our best.

carla says:

OMG the Wonder Twins thing made me roflol! You are so funny, Heather! You ARE a superhero, what are you talking about? You are doing more than most other women I know. I think you and I are a lot alike in that regard where we enjoy taking on things, but sometimes wonder if we’ve taken on too much. We’re deadline girls, Katy too, right!? I love me a deadline. But you can do too much and so I can totally see where TV gets the ax. I’ll fill you in on the trashy reality TV shows. Are you sure you not going to keep watching “My Antonio”? Lol. Fine. I will. : )

Kay Behrens says:

At least you still have a nanny! And no full time job in addition to raising kids. And you get massages. You are very very blessed!

From your sister-in-law
Single mother to 4 beautiful girls and corporate lawyer

recessionmama says:

I don’t know how you manage everything Kay. You are so busy with work and running the girls to all of their activities. Thankfully they are in school all day.I know your life is absolutely bananas. You are one of those “supermoms” to which I’m referring. You work really hard both in and out of the office. You should be really pround of all of your accomplishments. You are a success both professionally and as a parent!

I don’t have an official job title or collect a big paycheck, but I DO have a full time job(s). I juggle a lot of things. I get up at 6am and don’t go to bed til 1 or 2am. I’m a full time student, full time mom, write a blog, work at the radio station, volunteer at the children’s schools, manage a lease home, handle the bills, oversee a construction project and much more. I couldn’t do all of these things without the help of a nanny, especially since my husband works a lot of hours and the kids are not in school all day. These jobs push my “work” week into major overtime.

I AM very, very blessed, fortunate and grateful. But I also work very hard. My life is not a bucket of cream cheese. So, if I feel like treating myself to a massage every now and then I’m going to do it. Besides it helps with my sometimes debilitating arthritis.

In short, I think everyone has stress in their lives… but one’s personal stress always feels bigger than anyone elses.

That why we ladies have to stick together! 🙂


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