Recession Mama

{September 28, 2009}   Helping My Local Economy

By Katy

Friday night, I came out of a restaurant, and I noticed that my car was gone.  I scanned the street, hoping that I just had a senile moment and had forgotten where I parked my car.  Then, I noticed the sign.

“After 9 p.m., you will be towed!” It said.


I looked at my watch.  It was 9:27 p.m.  Aw, crap!  I didn’t even notice that sign when I parked the car.  Why was I so careless?  It’s not like I have a lot of money to burn right now.  Luckily, my fiance had driven his car to the restaurant before me, so he took me to the tow yard.  The lady behind the cage wasn’t too friendly.  I wasn’t angry, but maybe she’s seen a lot of angry people.  She asked for my driver’s license and then told me to go through a gated door to get my car.

“I’ll give you your driver’s license back after you get your car.”  Oooo K…It’s not like I’m going to drive through all of the gates!  So after getting my car down (the tow truck had just dropped it off), I went back to the super friendly lady behind the cage to face my financial fears.

“$207.50.”  What?!?!  Did I hear that correctly?  $207.50?!?!?!  Less than an hour at the pound, and it costs me $207.50 to get my car out?  Wow!!!!  I really did it this time.  Then, when I got back to my car, I noticed I had also gotten a $60 parking ticket!!!  How in the world can they double charge me like this?  $100 already goes to the City of Los Angeles for a “vehicle release fee.”  The $107.50 goes to the tow company.  No wonder they were so eager to tow me!  They’re making over $100 an hour.

Since the weekend is almost over, I am trying my best to look at the bright side.  Otherwise, I might as well slit my wrists and kill myself now.  I’m helping the local L.A. economy.  The city is broke, right?  I’ve now done my part (wayyyy beyond my part, in my opinion) to boost the city’s coffers.  Here’s $160 of my hard-earned money.  You are very welcome.  Now, please don’t come asking me for any more.


OH NO! I’m so sorry – what rotten luck. 😦

Here’s to a much better and frugal week!

Katy says:

Thanks, Jennifer! I couldn’t believe how careless I was about reading the signs! I’m usually so careful about doing that because meter maids in L.A. are so unforgiving.

carla says:

Katy! Bless your heart…I know exactly how you feel. My car got towed a few months after I’d been laid off. But DANG it sure wasn’t that expensive to get it out. Everything really IS more expensive on the left coast.

Katy says:

Seriously outrageous, isn’t it? And I kept beating myself up about it because I normally DO look at the signs. I remember when you got your car towed. How much was that? Someone told me that it could’ve been even more…like $400! Glad it wasn’t that much!

recessionmama says:

From Heather:

Getting towed feels like a huge waste of money and is such a pain. I feel for ya. My news unit was towed once while I was covering a fire in downtown. I was towed by police even though I had a press sign in the window, not to mention the entire car was wrapped in the station logo.

I had to use my own money to get the unit out of the tow yard. It took the station MONTHS to repay the $250.

Katy says:

At least they paid you back! When I worked in news, I got so many tickets…and the stations never paid me back. So annoying, esp. when I was making just a little more than min. wage. LOL! Glad those days are behind me, but I think everyone should start from the bottom.

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