Recession Mama

{August 21, 2009}   So It’s Over?
—by Carla

I’ve had two sniffling, sneezing, dribbling, kiddos to care for this week. Summer cold. Not a big deal, really. No fever, no puking (thank you, puke gods!), just regular old runny/stuffy noses, sneezing (followed by fake sneezing) and coughing (followed by fake coughing). Hey, when you’re 2 and 1/2 and  9 month old boys, these are things that are worth copying. Plus I did get called to fill-in on the anchor desk at WBAP 820AM (Fort Worth/Dallas) on Tuesday, so that was fun. It was fun and refreshing, but it has set me back an entire week. Waking up at 2am is simply not normal. Being at work at 3am is just plain nuts. (I worked that shift for 6 solid years before I was laid off from that other place and it was never this tough. Of course, I didn’t have 2 babies back then, either. Just 1 and that was tough enough.) 

Anyway, I was starting to worry that I was really backed up on my “other” work for the week like laundry, vacuuming, dusting (HA!), laundry, mopping (don’t even get me started on that stupid chore), blogging, emailing, facebooking, tweezing, plucking…you get the idea. Oh plus the husband was off all week, which is like cleaning up after yet another kid. Sheesh. I’m backed up!

But (and my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek here, incaseyouwerentfollowingalong) I was SO relieved when I heard the news this week that the recession is over.

the end 

Yippee! It’s over!!!

So let’s go out there and party our little rear ends off this weekend, ok?

That bit of news probably means very little to most of us, but it is good for a little laugh.

The “experts” didn’t officially declare that we were IN a recession until we were well into it, so news of its “end” actually did nothing to change my day-to-day life. How ’bout you?

Happy Friday y’all.


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