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{September 22, 2009}   Cowboys Crazy

By Heather

Cowboys Star

I was fortunate enough to witness sports history this weekend. Well sports stadium history anyway. The Dallas Cowboys had their first home game in the new stadium. Yes, the stadium is BIG. And yes it is really amazing. But after looking at the old stadium anything looks good. Unfortunately, the Cowboys didn’t dazzle like the stadium. They lost to the Giants. (can anyone scream turnovers!)

Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, is a proud papa of this new stadium. So proud that video aired before the start of the game compared the stadium to the Taj Mahal, Parthenon and other historical monuments. That might be taking it a bit too far. But I’m going to give Mr. Jones the benefit of the doubt and take it as a joke. I was giggling anyway.

The jumbo tron is well…. JUMBO! It’s so big I was distracted during the game. At 159 x 72 ft. it’s large and in charge. You can’t take your eyes off of the thing. I darn near got motion sickness while watching the Cowboys Cheerleaders do their high kicks.

Photo by Star-Telegram





Photo by Star-Telegram


Bye the way… this Jumbo tron doesn’t do anyone any favors. You can see fuzz, nose hairs, zits, any little defect on someone. I saw Jerry Jones scratching (picking) his nose, and a player tugging on his jock strap. I even saw a hint of cellulite on one of the cheerleaders and she burns thousands of calories a day dancing and kicking. Couple a too big screen with HD TV and you have some “reality” television. I shudder to think what I would look like on that thing. Stay away fan cam! Stay far, far away.

So was the whole thing worth the cost of admission ($340 a ticket for our seats), knocking down an entire neighborhood, and paying ungodly sums of money for refreshments and t-shirts and other merchandise? NO! But I was happy to be there anyway. I was happy to be in a stadium that was all shiny and new. I actually felt a little proud.

Just for the record the $10 truffle mac-n-cheese wasn’t any better than microwavable Kraft. My nearly $20 margarita (that’s for 1 not a pitcher) made me break into a sweat and left red splotches on my neck and chest. But it did help lessen the sting of a humiliating Cowboys loss. Sort of.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t included pictures of me at the stadium. That’s easy to answer. I forgot my camera. Ooops. I tried to take a pic with my phone, but frankly it looks horrible.

Cowboys - Copy

 Here’s a better picture of the outside.


(It really does glow like this at night. It’s like walking into a space ship or “Heaven” as I heard someone describe it.)

 Hey Jerry… if  you’re reading this blog, feel free to reimburse me for the refreshments. Better yet… how ’bout you cover next year’s season tickets. Just send the loot to my house.

Until then, make sure you’re not caught on the jumbo tron scratching body parts and tell quarterback Tony Romo to stop throwing interceptions.

See ya at the Thanksgiving game!

Check out the Cowboys and their new stadium @

Katy says:

Go Cowboys!!! Someone told me that the Jumbotron was so expensive that Jerry Jones didn’t want to raise it even though the kickers keep kicking the ball into it.

Although I will miss the old stadium because it was there for so long, I’m excited that the stadium is in Arlington, my home town! Arlington is now the home of the Rangers AND the Cowboys! Go Arlington!!!

Buddy says:

The “Taj Mahal” video was put together by NBC, it ran on the telecast. As did the shot of Jones mining booger nuggets.

recessionmama says:

Thanks for the info Buddy. That video was pretty funny. I loved the shot of Jerry “digging for nuggets” as you say. That’s a funny way to describe it. Kudos to NBC for getting the good shots.

Marie says:

if someone wants to give me free tickets to the first Mavericks game I will be happy to write about it 🙂

Carla says:

Marie, stand in line, sister! Lol. Heather, it sounds like it was an awesome time, but MAN the concessions prices would have ticked me off. Well, I’m cheap, what can I say. Wonder why they’re so high? Hmmmm? Could it be because the stadium cost a gagillion bazillion dollars!? But it is breathtaking. I’ve only been as close as the closest street, and it was so big that it actually gave me the creeps. Yup, it creeped me out. It would be super fun to go to a concert there, I bet. : )

Heather B. says:

Here’s the tricky part about the concession. They didn’t have any prices listed on the club level. So you had no idea what you were paying. It really pissed me off! I’m packing snacks and bringing a flask to the next game.

jennifer says:

Guess they figure if you are at the club level you don’t care how much you pay for your mac’n cheese : ) It really is too bad that so many of the pro and even college athletic events are so pricey……. it make it nearly impossible for a family to go out and catch a game.

recessionmama says:

This is true and so sad. The prices make me cringe. The Cowboys have always been known as “America’s Team.” But it seems like the team is leaving most of America out with high ticket, merchandise and refreshment prices.

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