Recession Mama

{September 20, 2009}   Economical Emmy’s

By Katy

Kate Walsh at the 2009 Emmy Awards

Kate Walsh at the 2009 Emmy Awards

For last night’s Emmy Awards, “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh wore a strapless, flowy J. Mendel dress, Louis Vuitton shoes, jewelry from the Stephen Russell Contemporary Collection.  But what surprised me was when Kate showed E!’s Guiliana a $30 clutch and that she used SUAVE hair style products.  Now Suave…that was smart advertising!  It just got a major plug at the Emmy’s.  When would Suave ever get mentioned at an awards show?  Kate also mentioned that besides using Suave hair products, her look wasn’t her choice.  Instead, frugalistas voted for which hair style Kate would be wearing on television’s biggest night.

Here were their choices:


Obviously, she chose the modern bob in the middle, and I think it looks sexy and fresh!  I also think it’s sexy and fresh to choose a high-low mix for an awards show.  It’s how real people dress anyway.  Well, maybe not that HIGH.  But I definitely like to mix a Chanel bag with American Apparel and J. Crew.  Before words like “recessionista” and “frugalista” came into our post-recession vocabulary, I think truly stylish, and of course, girls without trust funds, always dressed this way.  But now, it’s fashionable to be frugal.  I wonder who else dressed for the recession at last night’s Emmy Awards.  And what do you think of Kate’s economical elegance?


recessionmama says:

From Heather,

I think she looks good. Her hair does look a little frizzy on the left side at the ends. But this is jealousy talking since my hair usually looks like poo. Also, I could never pull off that look. But she sure can. Too bad her show isn’t as much fun to watch. zzzzzz

Katy says:

I haven’t seen it. I did like her on Grey’s Anatomy. And your hair looks great! I wonder if Suave works? If they sent me some products, I could try it out. LOL.

Margaret says:

LOL! I do love using Suave shampoo. Cheap, smells great…wait. I should hold off further comments until Suave comes calling with products. 😉

I love the high-low look, I do it myself all the time but never realized it had a name. In fact, for my visit with a VIP today, I had on a maroon satin dress from Old Navy, paired it up with a black belt and a grey cashmere sweater (gotten for super cheap), and looked like a million bucks with my pearls.

Katy says:

LOL. OK come on Suave! We get 4-500 reader a day!! You should send us some products. You sounded like you had on a kick ass outfit, Margaret!!

Carla says:

Great post, Katy! I’m loving the Suave use. It’s cool to see someone so rich and famous kickin’ it like the rest of us (sort of…!)

Katy says:

Thanks, Carla! Suave should definitely send you some products! Moms still need to be stylish!

jennifer says:

Suave should send some product out for all the recession mamas to sample. I remember the Strawberry Suave shampoo I used when I was a kid, smelled yummy………. do they still make that????

Margaret says:

Thanks Katy, everyone said I looked uber swanky. I was a bit overdressed for the doctor’s later on though. As your post points out, you don’t have to spend a million to look like a million. I spent maybe $100 tops. It would have made my economist boyfriend proud had he seen me yesterday…

Katy says:

You’re dating an economist? What does he think of the recession? Does he think it’s over? And will we ever get back to more “normal” times? Not back to greed and all that…just not crazy high unemployment rates and foreclosures.

Heather says:

Margaret, please come dress me. I need a fashion intervention.

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