Recession Mama

{September 6, 2009}   Wedding Update Part 2

By Katy

Just in case you were wondering or even cared, I haven’t posted anything on my wedding lately.  That’s because the Fiance and I have not really been working on it.  My last wedding update already told you that we decided to put it off until next year so we can save more money for the wedding, on top of the emergency fund.

Well, we finally started working on it again this past month.

First of all, we kind of have a date.  Now, if you know the Chinese, you know that we’re kind of a superstitious group of people.  My friend (and one of my bridesmaids) had her mom look up our “lucky” days, and she told us that our lucky day would be in July of next year.  Next, we cut down the number of people we can invite.  We are now only inviting 150, instead of 200.  Finally, we hired a celebrity wedding coordinator!  OK so I could’ve saved some money by not hiring one, but I’m saving my sanity with this move.  Plus, she’s definitely in the know so hopefully she’s got some connections to help negotiate better deals.  And since hiring her (it’s only been days), we already think it’s a good move.  The fiance and I are HUGE procrastinators, and we know she’ll help kick our butts into gear…in a nice way of course.  Next, she recommended another location, which I have to share.

Ceremony set-up inside Figueroa Hotel

Ceremony set-up inside Figueroa Hotel

The Fiance and I could walk over to this location.  So on a hot, muggy, slightly smoke-tinged (the fires are still not out) afternoon, we checked out the Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  It’s decorated in a Moroccan theme.

Poolside at the Hotel Figueroa

Poolside at the Hotel Figueroa

It’s gorgeous, and it’s sooo reasonably priced.  I think we can get away with doing this wedding for $125/person, including everything.  And from what the staff at the hotel tells us, most people don’t even need to decorate with a lot of flowers because the hotel staff fill the space with candles and gorgeously ornate lanterns.  So I would only really have to pay for a photographer and a DJ.  And since this is in downtown Los Angeles, it would be close to our rehearsal dinner/wedding banquet location.  The only downside?  The Fiance and I are obviously not Moroccan, we are not familiar with Moroccan customs, and we’re not even big “Casablanca” fans.

Is this place above the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Is this place above the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Nothing about this place really screams us.  Does that matter?  Is the Figueroa Hotel the beginning of a beautiful friendship or just another beautiful location meant for some other engaged couple?


Vanessa Bull says:

Sold! I love it. I looked it up online, and it’s awesome! I don’t think the theme is problematic at all.

Heather says:

I think this looks like a nice fit. Besides it’s beautiful! You can find a way to make it your own.(Maybe chinese laterns instead of Moroccan?) The setting is romantic not too themey! So, I don’t think you have to adopt the customs. The rehearsal dinner and/or reception can have a chinese theme.You could also re-enact the Casablanca poster w your pics! Just remember to serve lots of booze!

Carla says:

Man that’s a tough one, Katy. Bc this IS a gorgeous place. And has all the other “pluses” going for it like location, price, etc. OK, so it’s Moroccan, but can you guys still trick it out to look more Chinese? Are there ways to decorate it so that it would reflect your (awesome) culture? Bc I know how important that is to you guys and would hate for you not to be able to have that, you know?? But DAMN that’s a pretty place…and of course, nice price…oh and great location! lol…like I said…TOUGH one. But I vote “yes”..and even stronger “yes” if y’all can trick it out Chinese style, yo!

Katy says:

Thanks for the comments ya’ll. Glad you like it. But I am still not sure it is us. The rehearsal dinner/1st wedding is the one that will be the cultural focus and will be Chinese. The 2nd wedding is supposed to be about BOTH of us, and what we like and what we are about as a couple. The Fiance isn’t Chinese, and as a couple, we’re both more beachy and laid back…more Hawaiian, than anything else. Our cultures are very similar to Hawaiian culture. Because even though I’m technically Chinese…I’m really Taiwanese…which is culturally very different because we’re an island…and the Fiance was also born on an island. I mean the Fiance has never even eaten Moroccan food! We would prefer hula dancing to belly dancing. 🙂

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