Recession Mama

{August 24, 2009}   Rocking this Recession – LA Designers bring shopping to the masses

By Katy


Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of extremely innovative ways in which people are making money in this recession.  To borrow from some writer at Vogue — (I am paraphrasing) — shopping has become, these days, not just a guilty pleasure…but just plain guilty.  Not so last week when some very innovative fashion peeps decided to host the first ever Fashion Walk!

Sorry this is so small!  It says "Designer Pop Up Stores."

Sorry this is so small! It says "Designer Pop Up Stores."

Hundreds of designers, some known, some not so known, showed their goods in “pop up stores.”  Downtown is seeing a renaissance, of sorts, but in this down economy, there are still plenty of empty storefronts.  For one night, last week, those empty storefronts and spaces were transformed into clothing stores that were open late into the night.  Fashionistas, or shall I say, Recessionistas, flocked into these spur-of-the-moment store openings to check out deals, innovative designs, meet designers, and shop…totally without any guilt!  How can you feel guilty about buying designer clothes at 70% off, and help new and struggling ones, at the same time?

Fiance and I caught on camera

Fiance and I caught on camera

The fiance and I were caught on camera for a website called Racked LA.  You can check out bigger photos on that site.  For their own protection, I guess, I can’t make these photos any larger.  We walked into a couple of different “storefronts.”  At one giant loft space, I got two C&C California shirts (one for $3 and one for $5) and two Rock & Republic silk chiffon shirt dresses for $25 each!  They were all made right here in the USA!  And they retailed for a lot more.  And even if I had not scored with such great finds, it would’ve been a totally fun and free night out!  Some of the clothes looked more like art and some of the “stores” looked more like installations.  DJ’s spinned at some locales, while others brought in live musicians.  Bringing clothes to the masses, instead of relying on a high end department store to sell your clothes, is, to me, a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that has made America what it is today.  The recession is not going to rock us.  We are going to rock this recession.


recessionmama says:

I love the spirit of these designers! It’s so “wild west” of the fashion world. I guess you have to figure out a way to push your product when it’s not moving. I’m just sorry I missed out on the deals. -Heather

Katy says:

Yes! It’s so much fun, and definitely very wild west. I really admire their pioneer spirit.

Carla says:

That’s such an amazing idea, Katy. There are TONS of empty storefronts here in my neighborhood…and all across Dallas, in fact. I can see something like that working here, too. MAN you got some good deals! You should shop for me…lol…like I can afford a personal shopper : )

Katy says:

Isn’t it a great idea to transform empty storefronts for one night and help up-and-coming designers and fashion producers to get their wears (purposeful spelling) and their names out there! Next time I’m in Dallas, you, me and Heather will have to go shopping! Of course, I’d have to find somewhere where the deals are this good.

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