Recession Mama

{August 3, 2009}   The Best Cheap Week Ever

By Katy

I’m starting work again in two weeks.  I’m very excited about it.  In the meantime, what’s a recession mama gonna do when she’s not pulling in a regular paycheck?  Well, I’ve discovered that I can work out for FREE and dine cheaply by going to all the happy hours I miss when I do work.

Matthew McConaughey running at Runyon

Matthew McConaughey running at Runyon

On Monday, I attended a free yoga class at Runyon Canyon…where the beautiful and famous people in L.A. go to work out…or find a date?!?  It’s quite the meat market during the week.  Guys usually hike the trails without a shirt on, and girls wear tiny bikini tops and short shorts.  My hiking buddy tells me she’s gotten hit on many times while hiking alone.


Well, besides hiking trails high above Hollywood, yoga instructors teach 3 classes…for FREE…during the week!  And two classes for FREE on the weekends.  It was a hot day in Hollywood, but besides the little gophers popping their heads up from giant holes in the ground, it was a lovely class.  The yoga instructor was a sweet girl with a soft voice who made it just challenging enough that I want to go back today.  In the evening, I hit up a Recession Mondays happy hour in downtown Los Angeles.  It’s $3 for well drinks, beers, wine, and appetizers!  I tried all of the appetizers — cheese plate, butcher’s plate, hummus plate, and guac and chips, and I washed it all down with a yummy Cabernet Sauvignon.  Final tab?  $15.

On Tuesday, I found out about a free pilates class at The Grove — an outdoor shopping mall, for those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles.  But unfortunately, they canceled last week’s class.  Hopefully, they’ll be back this week!  Tuesday night, a friend won a free room at the Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles, so I met her and another friend for happy hour at the Brewery inside the hotel.  A real burger and sweet potato fries for just $4!

Westin Bonaventure in downtown L.A.

Westin Bonaventure in downtown L.A.

On Wednesday, I hit up a free work out class in my own loft community.  Mondays and Wednesdays, there are free workout classes downstairs.  It’s a combo cardio kickboxing and strength training class, taught by a super nice and energetic guy.  I only discovered these classes recently.  And since I’ve been going to Recession Monday happy hours, I haven’t attended the Monday classes.  But I have now gone to the Wednesday ones 3 weeks in a row.  I get my butt kicked, and I like it!  That night, I decided to have dinner at home.

Someone hiking at Runyon

Someone hiking at Runyon

Thursday, I went hiking at Runyon.  Yes, the same one that has free yoga classes.  In the evening, I went to my new favorite restaurant, Bottega Louie.  They serve small plates at reasonable prices.  On Friday, I rested from working out.  Instead, I took the 12 year old girl I am mentoring to the aquarium.  The tickets are a bit pricey, but I got discounts online through a work perks card.  That night, the Fiance and I splurged at dinner.  My neighbors and I went to Cole’s for French dipped sandwiches, and afterwards, a few people came over for poker.  Too bad we weren’t playing for money because I cleaned up.

A cheap but nice week, wouldn’t you say?


That is a FANTASTIC week!!!!!!!!!!

Katy says:

Thanks, Jennifer! Wish we can find a cheap afternoon tea! I went to Chado yesterday…very nice tea selection. We’ll have to go next week.

Margaret says:

Wow, sounds like an awesome week. Wish there were free workout classes and such recession specials in NYC. Maybe I need to look harder?

Katy says:

Margaret, I am sure there are free workout classes and recession happy hours in NYC. Hey, NYC fans…hook her up!

recessionmama says:

From Heather: What a great week! So jealous. I need to find some great deals like that.

Katy says:

I am sure there are free and cheap stuff to do in Dallas!

Carla says:

Oh my stars, that really IS the best week ever! Wow. I’m happy for you, getting out and about on the cheap like that. Runyon looks familiar. I think they did some scenes from there on The Hills, when Lauren and that other chick would go up there to work out. Looks like the same spot in your pic, even! You’ve totally opened my eyes to a whole new words of cheap possibilities, and now you’ve gotten ME pumped to see what’s out there. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. : )

Carla says:

“A whole new world.” Damn, what’s my problem with this thing!? Lol…oh and way to kick butt in poker…

Katy says:

Thanks, Carla! I think Lauren and her friend would go to Runyon on The Hills. It’s really a good spot to see celebrities and get your workout on. And I’m glad you’re inspired to seek out cheap and/or free stuff in your area!

thefuriousmindofaserialmom says:

Great blog…good info…thanks!

Katy says:

Thanks!!! Hopefully, I’ll find more free/cheap stuff and post. Thanks again for reading.

Vincent Bonell says:

Thank you.

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