Recession Mama

{July 13, 2009}   Tightening the Proverbial Belt

by Katy


I fell off the wagon.  Every time I don’t work, I’m super disciplined.  I budget, use coupons, make meals, rent books and movies from the library, and walk instead of drive.  The last couple of months, the Fiance and I have worked long hours.  We don’t mind working long hours.  In fact, we think this is the best time for us to work long hours.  We don’t have kids yet.  But all work and no play…well you know…so in order to relieve some stress and reward ourselves every now and then, we splurged.  And boy, did we!  Looking at our expenses just in the last month, we both realized that we really took our splurging to another level.  We started to eat out for practically every meal — lunches and dinners.  We did use a couple of coupons, but they were for fast food joints so we’ve been disastrous with our diets too!  I bought a book for my book club, and although we have NetFlix (the cheapest $5/month account), we spent the entire 4th of July weekend renting movies from Pay-Per-View at $4.99 each!  We rented three movies, so that’s $15 on top of the NetFlix account.  Sooo NOT in the budget for this month.  We also drove everywhere, and I took my car in for a service that ended up costing me close to $1000!!!  Wowzers!!!  When I make money, I sure do spend it fast.  I might even have spent more than I saved.  Not good, especially when we’re trying to save for a wedding.  So, I just wrapped up a show.

(SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!!!  Insanely Pampered Hollywood Dogs airs tonight on E!  Check your local listings, but it should be either at 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m.)

Hopefully, this means from now until the next gig, I will go back to tightening the proverbial belt.  It’s like a diet, right?  Eat better, exercise more, feel better.  Stick to the budget, save more, feel better.

(And if I do both right, tightening the belt won’t be so difficult.)

Well, hopefully.


Lydia says:

Katy, it’s nice to know that you’re just as human as all of us… 😉 I spent too much money this weekend on school supplies. Yes, it was for a good cause, but not in this month’s budget! Then my nephew’s birthday is this week…. ate at Joe’s Italian last night (thought of you Carla!), so we regroup and start again. Have a great week! -Lydia 😉

Katy says:

Thanks, yes. I have to get school supplies for a good cause too. Hmmm…need to figure out how much to budget for that one. I could really do some damage there. It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.

Heather B says:

We’re on vacation so we are spending way too much on eating out. The 25 dollar tab for two cocktails really ticked me off. Two drinks! Crazy.

Katy says:

Happy vacationing, Heather B! Well, you’re on vacay. Spending money is part of it. Just as long as you budgeted for it, right? I wish I was somewhere else. But to save money, I’m sort of vacationing here in L.A. Going up to my rooftop pool today and hanging out! Maybe later this week, I’ll go to the beach in Malibu.

recessionmama says:

Don’t fret. You are smart with your money. BTW. Can’t wait to see the show!

Katy says:

Thanks! Did you see the show?

carla says:

You work hard, woman. It’s ok to play hard from time to time, too! I know 1st hand how much you put into your work and if you didn’t splurge every now and then, I’d worry about you. We’ve all been there. It is true that the more you work, the more you tend to spend. At least I have that same experience. Who knows…but the best part is that you know all the tricks to saving money and you do an amazing job at that…so it’ll be a snap to get back on track. OK, off to watch E! now : )

Katy says:

Thanks!!! Glad you liked the show, too. Call me and discuss. Love to hear your thoughts.

I have no idea what I spent on in a month even though I have a detailed list. I have no idea how it gets so out of control as I have nothing fun to show for it! Money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. BOOO!

Katy says:

Yeah maybe that’s it. Everything just costs so much. And when I’m working hard, I don’t think about it as much. Whereas when I’m not working, I have all the time in the world to think about it.

recessionmama says:

From Heather: I missed the show. Couldn’t find it here in the mountains. Can I watch it online?

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