Recession Mama

{June 24, 2009}   Pretty Please With a Cherry On Top

By: Heather

Instead of paying bills, sorting laundry and writing my latest post yesterday, I made an ice cream sundae and watched a silly kids show.

Why would a grown up do such a thing? Because my 5-year-old son and  3 1/2 year old daughter asked me to do it. And I can’t resist these cute little faces and pleading  voices.


bobby and maddie

“Pleeeeaaaassseee…. mommy.”

“Well… I’ve got a lot to do.”

“Say pretty please with a cherry on top.” I request. They oblige.

I’m learning that sometimes the best “gifts” you can give your children are moments like these. And they cost nothing, but your time. Kids really don’t need all of the toys and junk we give them. They just want your attention.

They honestly want to soak you in, ask you questions, cuddle with you on the couch and give you random hugs and kisses.

 This won’t last long, so you better enjoy it I tell myself. But too often I get bogged down in the minutia of life. I’m running around taking care of this and that…. and that and this. It has to get done, but I really just need to stop and “hang out” with my kids. They NEED it. But “chilling out” seems almost impossible sometimes.

“Mommy that ice cream looks like poop!” My daughter shouts as I drop a blob of frozen chocolate yogurt into a small bowl.

“Appetizing. But it’s chocolate sweetie,” I say.

“Oh! I’m just joking me,” says the little one.

“You mean you’re joking me,” I correct.

“Yeah. I’m joking me,” she fires back.

This begins to feel like the “Who’s on first” joke. So I just say that’s nice and get out the whipped cream. My son joins the ice cream sundae party and asks for his cherries and “those sprinkle things he picked out.”

I fetch those as well. And we are in full Martha Stewart mode.

whipped cream

The fascination with ice cream sundaes began during father’s day weekend. We went to the grocery store, picked out the ingredients and made a surprise for dad.

Now let me point out that I HATE taking my kids to the grocery store. They always get locked into the “can we get that, we need that” mode. It’s always an ordeal. And someone usually has a meltdown.

There was no “meltdown” scene this time,  just a little flashing. My daughter lifted my skirt in the produce department and gave everyone by the bagged lettuce a good shot of my booty. I was so distracted I didn’t notice for a few moments. Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing granny panties.

We left with the busy store with ice cream sundae supplies, two fly swatters (their pick) and with me feeling slighty humiliated.

They LOVED going to the store. It was a thrill and didn’t cost much except some of my dignity. Again they NEED these moments.

“Let’s put on more whipped cream!” The kids demand.

They dig in before I can grab the spoons.

maddie licking whipped cream

“Mommy I need 64 cherries right there,” my son says as he points to a large mound of whipped cream.

He gets three cherries on top. My daughter gets one.

“Yuck!” she screams as she throws the cherry across the room.

 We finish up and watch a mind numbing kid’s show. They sit on either side of me and I kiss their sweet little heads. It’s now past bedtime.

They NEED these moments, but really so do I. The calm, funny, amazing moments don’t last long. But they’re yours to keep and enjoy.

The kids soon get tired, we head to bed and I stay with each of them for “two songs each.” By now I’m too tired to write a recession mama post, so I opt for bed.

But before I crawl to my mattress, I check on the kids one more time. I watch for the rise and fall of their chests and listen for their peaceful breathing. It’s beautiful and perfect.

I love these moments. For me, it’s the cherry on top.













Lydia says:

Love it, love it, love it! For those of us who don’t have kids of our own, we can always borrow nieces and nephews or the kids next door. You’d be surprised the stuff they remember after they’re all “growed up” – painting X-wing fighters on the driveway with chalk, the baking soda experiment with a balloon, feeding the ducks. God blesses us with priceless moments such as these. Thanks, Heather, for a great reminder!

carla says:

Oh mama, you’re so right. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thanked God for being able to stay home with my babies right now. You really never get this time back. I must hear that a million times a day from various people, but it is so true. Even when I’m away from them for a couple of hours while my mom is babysitting, I can’t wait to race back and hug and kiss them for 2 hours just to make up for the lost time. Thanks for your awesome post, HB. : )

Katy says:

Sweet! I don’t have kids. But I’m going to remember these lessons when I do.

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