Recession Mama

{June 5, 2009}   There’s A Little Recession Mama In All of Us
–by Carla

Let’s talk about Recession Mama for a second. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same lovely, virtual page. The three of us (and we’re all pretty hot, by the way. Have you noticed that? I’m just sayin’…) call this website a place where we can “whine about our dwindling dime”. Those words are actually written down somewhere on this page thingy. Anyway, that’s what we do a few times a week…we dish, we gab, we blab, we get it off our (totally hot) chests and we move on. We never said we were here to live super frugal lives, where every penny is accounted for and no mistakes are ever made. Hello…have we met? Hi, I’m the one who was making really decent money and didn’t save a dime of it. I ain’t preachin’ any sort of financial rescue advice. I do, from time to time, have totally hilarious stories about what an idiot I am in the kitchen…so those are fun. Ok, now that we’re all on the same page…

I’ve fallen back on some of my old ways, y’all. I haven’t been cooking as much and we’ve been eating out and shopping more than we should. So to help me get back on the road to saving, I enlisted the help of the amazing women in my mom’s group and asked for their money saving tips. I’ve only been doing this “on a budget, stay-at-home mom” thing now for 6 months…but these women have been doing the Supermom thing a whole lot longer. 

Today, I’ll start with tips on entertainment.


Several are loyal to Netflix, others raved about Redbox and Blockbuster Online. Here’s what Rachel, our group organizer, wrote about BB: “We can rent 3 movies online at a time and also exchange them in store for movies so we don’t have to wait and we get free in-store rentals a month for only 29.99 a month.” (I can’t tell you when I last rented a movie, so I’m clueless on that front.) It basically came down to being able to rent the most movies with the fewest strings attached.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I have never ever used any of these companies. We’re so lame here at my house. We were so into working and working all the time that we rarely went to the movies and if we did rent something, neither one of us would be able to stay awake for the entire thing. Don’t we sound like really fun people? Our new, trimmed down lifestyle really has slowed things down for us, and it is such a positive change, I think. I can’t speak for the husband. His stories are his to tell. But I like things slow, especially with 2 little ones to raise. Maybe we’ll actually rent a movie one of these days and quite possibly be able to stay awake for the entire thing.

As for my bump in the road, thankfully all I have to do is remember what’s most important: those 2 tiny little blessings named Donald and Dean. (They’re extraordinarily handsome, by the way, in case you didn’t already know that). They’re still adjusting to our new, trimmed down lifestyle, too. Toddler Boy still says the old housekeeper’s name from time to time. Happened just this morning. The morning after the dream I had last night in which I was actually mopping…


Got the hint, God. I mopped today. I’m hot and sweaty but it felt awesome and now my floors are clean…ish.


recessionmama says:

By Heather-

We always have grand ideas of renting and watching a movie but it never happens. I think we end up owning every movie we rent cause we forget about them. I also recently discovered that we’ve been paying for Netflix since 2004 and haven’t gotten a new movie from them since 2005. oops. (it was on a bill that went to my husband’s office so I never saw the charge. He would just bring home the payment sheet) I finally looked over the statement and saw the charge. Stay away from those companies unless you really rent a TON of movies AND you are responsible enough to mail them back.Good job on the floors!

Katy says:

Oh Carla! I haven’t been doing too well on the eating in thing either! I’ve been working like 14 hour days at my current job, and so the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook! So, I take the easy way out and I think both my wallet and figure have been paying for it. I’ve gained weight and haven’t been saving as much money. Help!!

We also never go to the movies, although we do have a NetFlix account. I want to get rid of it, but the Fiance likes it. We have it on the lowest setting…which is $5/month…and we can rent 1 DVD per month…which is perfect for us. No late charges ever so if you don’t watch it…you can keep it until you do. Sometimes it takes us months to watch the movie, and in those cases…it doesn’t make financial sense to even pay five bucks.

Lydia says:

if you haven’t checked out, you can watch movies and tv shows for free. I just started using it a couple of days ago. So far, pretty cool! 😉

recessionmama says:

I love hulu. So great. Katy, I feel ya, it’s hard when you work all day…it really is. Maybe our saving grace is to cook a bunch of meals then freeze ’em. Some of the moms in my moms group do that and it seems to work out really well. Just set aside 1 day to cook, cook, cook! I may actually try that. I’m getting back on track bc the money is really taking a hit….we have no choice! And the movie thing..y’all plz…I don’t think I’ll actually watch an entire movie for many years to come at this rate! —-Carla

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