Recession Mama

{June 3, 2009}   No Horsing Around

By: Heather

Hello mamas and papas. This week I interviewed a woman who found a unique way to occupy her time while searching for a new career. She’s going for a world record!

The Texas woman was forced into early “retirement” in February and since then, she’s been on a frustrating job search. 

Cheryl Davis  says she needs something to look forward to everyday. She needs to keep her skills sharp. So, she’s set a “tall”  goal for herself and her 13-year-old Clydesdale, Remington. She’s using her new “freedom” to fill out the exhausting and daunting piles of  paperwork for the Guinness World Record for the World’s Tallest Living Horse.

This is a big horse y’all! I mean HUGEMONGO! Cheryl thinks her beloved “Remi” stands about 20 hands. That’s about 6 feet 8 inches for you non equestrians. Check him out. He’s like a Greyhound Bus.


Remington’s vet will measure him this Friday with his horse shoes on and again on Saturday with his shoes off. He’s gotta beat the current record of  19 hands. But Cheryl thinks he can do it.

I just love this woman’s attitude. She’s in a really tough spot. But she’s still finding the joy in her life. Sure it’s through a 3-thousand pound, lug of a horse, who manages to break whatever he doesn’t eat. But it’s still wonderful joy. 

I’m going to cheer Cheryl and Remington on to victory! Hope you’ll join me.

Check out Remington’s blog and read more about his adventures. He’s a funny horse of course.

Lydia says:

Love it! Go Remington and Cheryl!

recessionmama says:


Katy says:

Beating the odds in a recession with a 200 gallon hat horse! I love it!

Carla says:

Very cool! Man that’s a gigantic horse…wow. How can they not win? I can really relate to her story. Having something like that that you’re passionate about in tough times can make all the difference. Sure I also lost my job, but I have 2 gorgeous little blessings here at home who need me every second of every day (ok, unless they’re playing quietly, in which case I don’t even exist). But it sure does help you keep your focus on what’s important, and her horse is clearly her focus now.

recessionmama says:

It’s good to have a goal. No matter how small. Or in this case how BIG.

Cheryl says:

Thank you for all your support. Remington says hello 🙂 It’s back to the job hunt so I can feed the big guy who’s always hungry.

Cranky Bit says:

He did it!! It’s official– he beat the former record holder at 80″ tall. The previous record was 79.5″ held by “Radar” also of Texas!

The Dallas Norning News posted the story here:

Congrats, Remington!!

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