Recession Mama

{May 25, 2009}   Who Really Cares About Money?

By: Heather

Hey mamas and papas. We’ve all been trying to figure out how to save a few bucks here and there. There are some obvious areas where you can cut back. But sometimes you can save TONS of money where you least expect it. You just have to get off your butt and do a little homework. (More after the jump)


My fabulous friend Craig really knows how to stretch a dollar and save one too. He’s an extremely organized, savvy and successful business owner. Besides managing his business, he also owns and operates several rental properties. (Wow! ) This busy guy is thoughtful enough to share some of his wisdom and money saving tips with the rest the budget challenged. Thanks Craig! We need it!

By Craig:

Who really cares, it’s only money? Yes, but it’s MY money and I DO care and so should you. Here’s an example of what happens when you don’t pay attention.

Did you hear about the lady who paid over $41,000 for an old, out dated phone from AT&T? Well it is true. Shortly after the lady passed away, her daughter was going through her mother’s bills and found that AT&T had been charging her mother a rental fee for the use of their phone from 1961. Her mother never double checked her phone bill for all of those years. She assumed everything looked fine and continued to pay a rental fee for 45 years.



We need to continually challenge the people we do business with month after month, year after year and ask how they can save you money. You would be surprised by just asking.

I reduced my home owners insurance from $1,343.00 a year to $881.00 and got better coverage. I called AT&T and asked them for a better rate on my second land line which I use for a fax line. The price per month went from $14.95 to $1.53, not including tax.


Do you know how much you are spending per KWH for your electricity each month? You might be surprised at how much you are paying and even more surprised to know that you might be able to reduce this rate and save hundreds of dollars.

My neighbor asked me what my electric bill was and I said $230.00. She said hers was $525.00. I then asked to see her electric bill and low and behold, she was paying .2550 per KWH and I was paying .1140 per KWH. I recommended that she call her energy provider to get a better rate. You can also check out your rates by logging on to

Already the savings start to add up!

So all it takes is a phone call from your chair and asking the simple question. What can you do to save me money?


Who really cares about saving money? I do and so should you.



Lydia says:

Great advice! ALWAYS read thru your credit card statements! My parents ordered something from a website. To get a discount they did a “30 day trial” of some travel club or some such nonsense. The catch is that after 30 days they start billing you. After several phone calls, we got the charges reversed and stopped their “membership”. Read the fine print! 😉

recessionmama says:

Craig, Thanks for sharing your information. I’m going to check out my electric rates stat! I never really read the fine print. I just pay the bill and go about my merry way. I’m going to pay closer attention from now on. -Heather

Katy says:

Yes, great advice! We should all be more diligent about checking our bills instead of just paying them. I also didn’t know you could negotiate your electricity rate! I’m going to be calling my electricity company now…

Carla says:

I ALWAYS used to check statements before paying. Now, with everything set up to pay thru my bank, I pretty much trust that it’s all taken care of. But it is amazing to see how much you can save yourself by just taking a freaking second to look things over. Even the check at the restaurant. They screw up. Don’t pay for what you didn’t eat! Love the post today. Thanss so much, Craig! Oh, you’re our 1st RecessionPapa guest writer, right? VERY cool to be first…

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