Recession Mama

{May 20, 2009}   Nothing’s Free, Especially Fish

 By: Heather

Mamas and papas I have a dilemma. I’m not sure if I’m going to tell my daughter that her goldfish died. I should’ve known when we took the “free” fish that we would soon have to pay a heavy price.


I found the little bugger floating on its side while preparing to clean the bowl last night. It was clearly dead. It smelled too, so I just poured out the water and flushed the goldfish down the toilet. That may have been a mistake.

fish in toilet

He or she (we’re not sure which) has been a part of the family for exactly 8 days, so it’s not like we’ve grown attached. But my daughter is 3 1/2 and a bit of a drama queen, so I’m not sure how she’ll react if she finds out I flushed her beloved “Goldfie” down the toilet. “Goldfie” is what she called the goldfish and she’s managed to remember that name all week. (that’s a big deal for her age) 

“Goldfie” came into our lives at an end-of-the school year party. The hostess gave a goldfish to each of the kids. I’m not sure if this was her intention since they were part of the decorations. But the kids wanted them anyway so she obliged.

I practically sprinted across the room when I saw the goldfish  bowl landing in my daughters hands. But I was too late to protest or politely decline. She had a Kung-foo grip on that thing and there was NO WAY we were leaving it behind.

cartoon fish

Soon the “free” fish turned into a $75 fish. We had to buy a bunch of supplies for the thing… PLUS a fish for my son. The kids were thrilled! I was not. (just what I need more animals to feed and clean up after)

My son’s fish, named “Fishy, Fishy, Swim, Swim”  is doing just fine. Thank Goodness! But I’m praying she will last.

In the meantime… I think I may take the cowardly way out and buy my daughter another fish before she realizes that it’s gone.

So let’s attempt some math here… that’s $15 for another fish (i’m upgrading to a Betta this time) Plus $15 for a new bowl, another $5 to $7 for the rocks and flowers to go into the bowl and $12 for new food.

That adds up to $50… give or take. So this just proves that nothing in life is for free.

Let’s just hope that’s all it costs me. I shudder to think how much  I’d pay for “therapy” sessions if my daughter finds out I flushed “Goldfie” down the potty.



Katy says:

Pets can be expensive! My fiance rescued a kitten 7 months ago, and his mother always reminds us of what a financial burden the kitten is. She thinks we should stop wasting our time taking care of a kitten and start making babies already! (Like that’s not a drain on the pocketbook!)

Katy says:

Oh yeah…I love the animation!!

Heather B. says:

That’s so funny Katy! Pets are expensive, but kids cost a whole lot more. And they have a ton of stuff. BTW My daughter noticed that her fish is gone! I told her it died. But I didn’t tell her that I flushed it.
Bad Mommy!

Carla says:

Oh poor fish and poor mama. I don’t even want to think about what I’ll do when Feef dies. That’s the blue Beta we bought for Donald. He calls all fish “feef”, because he’s only 2 and can’t say “sh” yet…so I thought it would be funny to call him our Blue Fish Named Feef. But Feef will die one day and I’ll probably do the same thing you did. But kids are so smart…they catch on. And yes, nothing in life is free!

Phyllis Smith says:

I can’t tell you how many creatures big and small have died under my watch, since my kids were born…hampters, fish, cats, dogs…We even tried to save one of our hampsters by bringing it to the vet. Never made it, so my daughter and I buried it across the street by the creek. Had a moment of silenceand prayer and went home. My kids…teenagers now…have survived the trauma. Always a lesson to be learned…like the book “Everyone Poops”…so too “Everyone dies.” it’s the time together (or on the toilet) that matters most.

Jennifer says:

Nothing in life is free, trust me I have found out the hard way. My teenage daughter over the past 6 months or so has brought home 2 stray cats and we actually bought her a cat at Canton to boot. One free cat came with a kitten, our dogs ate the mom and my husband ran over the kitten (on Christmas morning with the whole family in the car). So we felt horrible and got her another kitten. It now lives the life of luxury in our house and has recently been spayed and declawed ($250). She also rescued another stray cat about 2 months ago. It turned out to be pregnant, so it and its one surviving kitten now reside at our house. She had three kittens (one was eaten by our dog and the other died of unknown causes) Our 17 year old daughter brought it to us in the middle of the night a few night ago and wanted her daddy to give it mouth to mouth, he declined and it was dead by morning. Since teenagers sleep until noon I was able to remove the body without any drama. So, all this said Heather. Nothing in life is free and this will not be the first fish you will flush……….. we have a pet cemetary in the back yard if anything to big to flush dies under your watch : )

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