Recession Mama

{May 16, 2009}   A Wedding Update

By Katy

I want to have my cake and eat it too!

I want to have my cake and eat it too!

A lot of my conversations, these days, go something like this:

Other person: “So…when are you getting married?”

Me: “Umm…sometime next year, I think.”

Other person: “Yeah, I would think so…it’s too late for this year.”

Me: “Yeah, I suppose. But not really.”

Other person: “So..have you set a date yet?”

Me: “No.”

So that’s my update. I have officially postponed my wedding until next year. SUMMER 2010 – the blockbuster union! Or the official beginnings of AntKat!! If you ask me again, I might just refer you to my blog. And yes, the reasons are financial. But it’s not what you think. Well, it actually might be. I’m only pretending to know what you’re thinking.

I still do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on one night, and I do not think the recession will get better by next year. I think it might actually fluctuate quite a bit before things get better. So I want to be prepared for the worst. I’m hoping for the best though, so don’t think I’m in the basement stocking up on canned goods. Well, not just yet. If I didn’t have a mortgage, I do think I would’ve gotten married this year. Having to think about paying that mortgage and not knowing whether or not I will continuously work can be a bit stressful. But I don’t like to stress about stuff, and that’s why I want to be prepared. I want an emergency savings fund of a year’s worth of expenses, AND I want the beautiful wedding. Yes, I want my wedding cake and be able to eat it, too. Is there anything wrong with that? On Monday, I start addressing locations. Follow me, as I document my LONG trip down the aisle.


Heather B says:

Tough decisions are ahead for you all. I’m glad I’m not in your shoes. I say get married!

recessionmama says:

Oh I’m definitely getting married. I just wanted to let everyone know that the wedding is postponed until next year. 🙂

As long as your happy, you can get married whenever!! 🙂

recessionmama says:

Thanks, Jennifer! I am definitely happy. And we’re taking our sweet time. LOL.

Carla says:

I’m so proud of you for doing this! Too many women (girls..heehee) get caught up in this fairy tale BS about weddings and sure, it should be a special event, but people have really gotten carried away. I mean, starting a marriage by taking out loans to pay for your wedding? What!? But some girls want a party, not a marriage, and you, my sister..are not one of them. I’m so proud of you AND soon-to-be-hubby for this.

recessionmama says:

Thanks, Carla! We’re going to have a beautiful wedding, and we’re going to keep our emergency savings. But I will definitely need the community’s help in deciding a lot of things.

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