Recession Mama

{May 13, 2009}   What’s With The Name?

By Carla

Since I’m into confessing things lately, here’s another one to add to the list: I have a terrible memory. I don’t mean a bad memory…like forgetting what I had for dinner three nights ago, I mean terrible…like I met you 8 times already and I still can’t remember your name. THAT terrible. It’s not a focus thing, it’s not a selfish thing…believe me, I’ve looked for answers, but there’s no rhyme or reason for it. My little brain can only handle so much and remembering people’s names just isn’t tops on the list. I’m on the ball when it comes to everything else though, like how many servings of milk the toddler boy has already had today, where the husband’s wallet is, where EVERYthing is. Those kinds of things are carved into my mind’s eye. But your name…forget it. Oh, I already did. And that is how “Mama” came about.

I started becoming a heavy user of “Mama” back in college…you know, when you tend to meet lots of new people…therefore dramatically increasing the odds of forgetting even more names. My worst nightmare was always when these familiar faces would come around and say “Hey Carla, what’s up!?” …and I’d just suck it up, smile real big and say, “Hey YOU! How in the world are you?” Then the next tactic was to NOT introduce that person to the person I was with, hoping that the familiar face with the unknown name would then introduce him or herself to my friend…and we’d ALL know everyone’s name. The “Hey YOU!” then morphed into “Hey woman”, or “Hey there guy”. But I finally settled on “Mama” and ran with it. It turned into my “thing”. We all have “things”, right? Well this was my “thing”. It expanded and grew, much like my love of white gold over yellow gold, and turned into a way for me to greet even my closest girlfriends to this day. “Hey mama, what’s going on? We’re all going to get through this recession, mama, don’t worry”. And there you have it.

Like our intro says, “We are three sassy mamas from three very different economic realities helping each other get through this Recession, Mama!”

And that, my sassy little mamas (and dudes), is the story of our name…and NO, it doesn’t have a thing to do with whether or not someone has kids.


recessionmama says:

Thanks for the background info. Cool.

I too forget many many things. For example, I can’t find my phone charger right now. This is bad since my cell phone just died and I’m waiting for some calls. It’s also bad because my numbers are stored in my cell and I don’t have them memorized so I can’t call anyone. But this is typical. My friends know this so I hope they’ll forgive me. -Heather

Teresa says:

Mmmmmmm, a little touch of Alz???; just kidding. I guess we all forget things and names here and there. I remember that when I used to go back home and I’ll go to some visits or reunions with my mom, I would tell her “mom, please when you are greeting someone, say their name first so I could hear it and remember their name”; can you imagine??? Oh, well, you do!!…. hihihihi

recessionmama says:

Heather, I just called you and it rolled into VM…lol, now I know why. And Ma, yes, it does run in the family. Lovely!

Katy says:

Names are difficult unless you make a conscious decision to remember, and even then…

But yes! That’s how the name came about. I don’t have kids. I’m not even married…yet. But you’ve always called me and said, “Hey, mama! How’s it going?”

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