Recession Mama

{May 11, 2009}   Happy Mama’s Day Part 2 & 3

Heather and Carla are both mothers, and they were taking, what I hope, was a well-deserved break yesterday. But they both still wanted to give their mothers a shout-out, so here’s what they learned, financially, from their mothers:

By Carla:

I don’t have much more than that…other than to say that my Mom taught me to save my money and I didn’t listen to her. There’s the lesson to be learned, really. Listen to your Moms, for cryin’ out loud!

Ok my we know from my earlier post…made me and my big brother fold up our brown paper lunch bags at the end of lunch each day at St. Pius X elementary school…and bring ’em home. There wasn’t a thing wrong with them most of the time, unless your orange exploded or something went horribly wrong with your PB&J. Aside from being a little embarrassing..which we learned to get over…it was fine. But we didn’t really NEED to save money when I was growing up..I think Mom did this as an environmental thing..back before anyone was “green”…it was just the right thing to do, I suppose.

Heather B's mama on the left

Heather B's mama on the left

By Heather:

My mother is not a financial wizard but she is a really smart lady. She’s a retired RN (registered Nurse) and I promise she knows more than most doctors. I can call her in the middle of the night and ask her any medical question and she can answer it. We never really talked about money but I can say that hands down she gave me two very valuable lessons. She taught me that quality is ALWAYS better than quantity. We had nice clothes (not a ton of them). But they were always great quality. I had an Esprit sweater in junior high that I would wear every Tuesday. That’s because a character on a popular TV show would often wear the same sweater. It was good stuff and I knew it. BTW the show was Kate and Ally. Did I just date myself? Anyway, mom knew that a few good quality things went a LOT further than a bunch of crap. The other really great lesson that she taught me has nothing to do with money. It was about sex and STD’s. As a nurse, she had enough knowledge to scare the ever loving Mary out of me about sex. This was not her intention because she doesn’t even remember the conversation. But it made a HUGE impact on me. She told me about every oozing, blistering, painful gift that keeps on giving. I heard it loud and clear! I’m just getting over my fear of sitting on public toilets. In fact, when I first met my now husband I insisted that he get an HIV test. Radical yes, but mom told me that you can’t tell if someone has a STD by looking at them. My then future husband and I took an at home HIV test (they used to have those ya know). We were both clean! We’ve been happily together for 13 years. Thanks mom for all of the great advice whether it was intended or not. You’ve been a rock in my life and I just love you more than you can imagine.

recessionmama says:

Sorry for the straight talk on my mom’s sex talk. It’s a little TMI. But it’s true. She should take her STD talk on the road and give it to all kids ages 10 and up. I think my mom could scare them into being safe.

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