Recession Mama

{May 6, 2009}   And They Said It Wouldn’t Last…


It looks and smells just like any other Wednesday really, but for the three of us here at RecessionMama, it’s a little bit more than that. It’s our one month anniversary. Katy, Heather and I kicked this off one month ago and we’ve been amazed at how many people have stopped by to check us out. Little old us. So thank you for reading along and laughing a little at us with us. 

Our hope was (and is) to kick-start a national conversation about money. It’s that simple…but at the same time, it’s become quite complicated. In writing about my personal finance disasters (and hopefully some triumphs…), I can’t help but think, “OK Carla, is this something you really want to share with the entire world? Because once it’s out there…it’s out there“. And most of the time, the answer is “yes”.

It is tricky when it comes to writing about money and family members or others close to you because you don’t want to isolate yourself or offend anyone. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know if a lot of folks are all that comfortable about this sort of conversation. It is an uncomfortable reality for some people to face their spending habits and look inward to try to figure themselves out. I know because I’m living it first-hand. So I’m totally down for the reality check that I now call my life. 

And so on this one month anniversary, since I’m in a festive mood, I’m getting some things out in the open and crossing a little BS off the list. Some of these I’ve gotten from friends or loved ones, others are mine. I have a very low tolerance for BS lately. Maybe it’s this crazy Texas weather. Maybe it’s all the talk of swine flu. Follow along with me…maybe you agree, maybe you don’t: 


* Threatening to go on strike when millions of hardworking Americans can’t find work.

* Still spending money even though you don’t actually HAVE the money.

* Not having learned ANYthing from this recession and continuing on your merry little way with zero savings for your future and a deep desire to “spend it if ya got it”.

* Customer service reps who, in this economy, have the nerve to be ANYthing other than cordial and appreciative of my business.

 …there are more. Maybe it’ll  become a regular feature.

Oh, our other hope in starting RecessionMama was to make some pretty killer money doing this. 

So let’s keep this little conversation rolling. After all, how far did NOT talking about money get us? Right. 


As for our big anniversary, we’re celebrating in true RM style. We’re not doin’ squat because we’d rather bank it than blow it, baby!


Teresa says:

Congratulations on your first month; may you celebrate many, many more!!!!! with great success!!!!

Heather B says:

We’re getting “all growns up!” One month and we still have a lot of stories to tell. I LOVE the BS segment. There’s so much truth there! Happy Day!

Katy says:

Happy Anniversary, mamas!!! Over 4500 hits in 4 weeks. I’m truly honored and blown away. Please keep reading and sending in your stories and comments. We promise to make this worth your while!

And Carla, I love the BS segment idea, too!

yang says:

And the nominee for the “I really feel your pain” award goes to:

“I always lived very frugally. I flew around in a private jet, I had a boat, but I always lived very frugally.”

“[I’m now] forced to fly on a commercial plane for the first time in almost two decades.”

-Sir Allen Stanford, upon being indicted for running a Ponzi fraud.

Katy says:

Hilarious. Yeah poor guy. Flying commercial…oh so terrible.

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