Recession Mama

{May 4, 2009}   The Old Grey Mare

By: Heather B.

Well mamas and papas I’m pooped, dog tired, beat down and like the saying about horses goes: “I’ve been rode hard and put up wet.” (get your minds out of the gutters)


Seriously, this is what a real recession mama looks like after a day of child rearing, negotiating, renovating and errand running.

And no… that’s not the glow of something angelic behind me… that’s just junk I need to put away. But that’ll have to wait.

First I need to tell you about “The Old Grey Mare.” It’s just a goofy folk song that my dad used to sing.  I found a guy singing this song on YouTube. It’s pretty entertaining so check it out.

 “The Old Grey Mare. She ain’t what she used ta be. Many long years ago.” 

I’ve always interpreted it this way: A horse who used to have some giddy-up and go but doesn’t like to stray from the barn anymore.

I’ve got that silly song stuck in my head for some reason. I think it just explains my mood. It “used ta be” that I could get up early, run all day, stay up late, and do it all again. But this Old Grey Mare ain’t what she used to be.

 I can pull off that routine about two or three nights a week and then I just fizzle out. I get that glazed donut look and I  literally feel like I’m swaying on a boat.  Sometimes I actually wish that I could go head first into my food and chew and sleep at the same time.

Coffee and chocolate usually pull me out of the funk. (for a little while) But I think my reserve battery is finally running low and I really need to rest and recharge. (I need Yoga class!)

 I’m going to blame my recession renovation. It’s finally taking its toll(see post “Recession Rubble in the Bubble” for further explanation.)

A very long discussion about  light fixtures, bathtubs and showers … plus a “closet” shopping trip to Ikea has me begging for a really long nap.


Sidebar here:

I really think Ikea is both wonderful and  insane!  Where else can you walk through a labyrinth of kitchen counters, closets, couches, dishes, rugs and frozen meatballs.Yes! Frozen Swedish meatballs and big bars of  Choklad Mork (dark chocolate) are sitting at the check out counter. Why? Because apparently it all goes together so well. (in some-body’s mind)

I can't resist dark chocolate!

I can’t resist dark chocolate!

My late night-early morning routine goes together about as well as those frozen meatballs and chocolate bars. Yes… I’m covering a lot of ground, but it’s a little questionable.  And it could come back haunt me. I’ve already noticed some new wrinkles forming around my eyes and new coffee stains on my teeth. (note to self: speed dial the dentist, buy industrial wrinkle cream)

So, sorry mamas and papas I just don’t have any profound words of wisdom, compelling stories or ideas to share with you today.  Maybe next time. Right now this Old Grey Mare needs to polish off an Ikea chocolate bar, take herself to the barn and hit the hay. A shower wouldn’t hurt either.


Carla says:

Right there with you, mama. Maybe it’s the weather, or the moon or hell I don’t know, but I’m feeling it, too.

LOVE the pic of you eating and working. I can totally relate to that.

Yes, recession burnout is here for me, too. There’s so much more physical work to do now. I’m no sissy, but damn, you just get tired….and beaten down…and that’s when chocolate comes in handy.

You’re not an old gery mare, you’re a hottie and you know it!

Heather B. says:

You really do need to get some rest if you think I’m a hottie. hee hee. Hopefully we’ll see the sun again soon. I need the vitamin “D” dang it!

Katy says:

I am totally feeling it too! I fell asleep on the couch right after dinner last night, and then went to bed early. I think I got 9 hours of sleep, and yet, I still feel worn out. Maybe I have the swine flu…

recessionmama says:

Let’s hope not. But you could have a case of “working too darn much.” That’ll whip ya.

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