Recession Mama

{April 4, 2009}   Meet Heather

heatherHey mamas! It’s Heather B.  I KNOW what it’s like to be broke and on the job search. And once you’ve been broke you never forget. I’ve lived through layoffs, job searches and dead end jobs. I’ve sold my plasma for money (not a TV honey… the stuff in your blood). I also survived an entire summer on Ramen noodles. (They were 10 cents a pack!) And I drove a junkyard car for four years. The speedometer clocked over 200-thousand miles and the driver’s seat was propped up with a cardboard box. So I TOTALLY get it!! Life has handed you a crap sandwich and forced you to take a big bite. But don’t panic mamas. Champagne days are ahead. As my great-grandfather liked to quote from the bible “This too shall pass.” Let’s just hope this recession blows by faster than a soccer mom with a lead foot. Until then, feel free to whine, cry and moan. I’ll listen.

craig says:

Are poppas included????

recessionmama says:

Absolutely! Mama is just our way of calling each other!

Adam Chalmers says:

So will I be a mama or a pappa?

recessionmama says:

Sorry I missed this question. You can be whichever one you like!

Angie W says:

Hey Heather B. I can relate to the 10¢ a pack Ramen noodles, there were so many flavors to choose from – Chicken on Monday and Thursday; Beef on Tuesday and Saturdays; Oriental on Wednesdays and Sundays; Friday was Take Your Pick Night . . . I think they’ve gone up these days though – better budget for 35¢ a pack!

recessionmama says:

Yum… I”m so NOT craving them right now. You’re a savvy gal… send us your stories!

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